Flyer or leaflets are quick note to pass as informative guides. It can be instantly given in malls or in high traffic areas, most flyers are colored in A4 and A5. Online flyer printing services in Philippines can be best availed to get hold of excellent flyers.

Colors are a must. The possibility of having a back to back print can be printed in variables. Design your own leaflets in different variety of business whether you are in medicine, agriculture etc or a simple business icon.

Please select your favorite Invitation design to create full-color
Flyers by using our online design tools and templates, which are
divided into categories for an easy use.

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            Flyers Pricing (A4)
                1 sided =     12
                2 sided =     24

            Flyers Pricing (A5)
            1 sided =     6
            2 sided =    12

               Minimum order  1

    Flyers Pricing (A4)                Flyers Pricing (A5)
     1 sided =    8.90                                   1 sided =    5.00
         2 sided =    10.50                                 2 sided =    6.00

                            Minimum order  500pcs

Flyers Pricing (A4)                 Flyers Pricing (A5)
1 sided =    9.2                                    1 sided =    4.60
    2 sided =    11                                     2 sided =    5.5

                           Minimum order  2000pcs


Any order more than the said quantities please call  09228380096